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I had the opportunity at an early age to manage people and businesses.  I soon realized that if you put the right team together, provided leadership and challenge them to strive for excellence that you can accomplish great things.  I have worked in some of the most competitive industries and dominated the competition using this simple focus.

An intensive learning stage of my career began by completing a financial turn around of a 50+ year old multi-site retail solutions manufacturing company.  This opportunity was a turning point in my career because I had the opportunity to work with some very bright people to orchestrate the complete redesign of a business from end to end.  We redesigned business processes and end products to simplify and significantly reduced costs while increasing customer value.

This experience allows me to shift to completing turn around assignments for companies with extremely poor financial performance I realized that this same focus can get companies back on track quickly and provide laser focus in moving forward.

The most recent stage in my career has utilized my executive, management, and technical experience helping businesses complete large projects, crush competitors and dominate their markets.

As the Managing Director of Cross NW, we utilize a tactical, hands-on approach to help our clients increase their profits, dominate markets, crush competitors and exceed business goals as they are growing their business for long term success or transition.  We do this with a simple focus on doing high value work to accelerate business performance.  We try to put the fun and passion back into the businesses we advise.  If you are looking for no-bullshit people that will be in your business helping you make it better, Cross NW will deliver.

“If you are going to put yourself through the countless hours of hard work in business, why the hell would you not be having fun and trying to crush your competition every day”

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Professional Experience

2016 January - Present

Cross Northwest

Managing Partner

Damon Pistulka manages the Seattle office of Cross Northwest, a boutique Business Advisory and M & A firm specializing in sales acceleration, business management advisory, valuations, and brokerage services for privately held companies. Cross NW helps client businesses increase top line revenues with sales consulting techniques developed by Jeffry Graham ( Damon utilizes his experience and background to improve client business effectiveness, prepare client businesses for sale, and coordinate the sale of client businesses. Damon provides owners extensive tactical hands-on business expertise through the life of their business.  When owners are ready to exit, Andrew Cross and Damon guide them through the complicated process of preparing and selling their business.

2009 February - 2016 January

EverGreen Renewable, LLC

President|General Manager|Consultant

EverGreen Renewable was formed as a project development and management consulting company.  I managed the business and consulting projects for process developers, manufacturers, and commercial customers.  Work included project development and management, financial plan development, operational plan development, and execution of projects.  Projects were mainly focused around technology development, traditional energy and renewable energy industrial facilities.

2007 December - 2009 January

Synergy Systems Inc.

Vice President|General Manager

Managed an Alaskan Native Corporation (ANC) owned company specializing in machining, stereo lithography (SLA), and urethane molding of components and assemblies for aerospace, defense, medical, and technology companies.  The company needed significant financial turnaround work.  Completed work to get the company cash positive in 180 days.  Left the company when ANC decided to close the company and sell assets.

2007 December - 2009 January

Olympic Fabrication

Vice President

Managed an Alaskan Native Corporation (ANC) owned company specializing in precision fabrication of ground support equipment, vessels, and facility subsystems for aerospace and NQA1 nuclear customers. Lead the company through significant organizational changes with an on-site General Manager to complete a financial turn around and become an efficient and profitable company. Company was cash positive in 120 days with added controls and increased throughput.  Left the position when ANC decided to close and sell assets of Synergy Systems.

2007 February - 2007 December

EverGreen Renewable

Project Developer

Formed company to develop a 50 MGY Washington State based corn ethanol facility. Completed project development work through preparation for construction and elected not to construct facility due to market conditions.

2006 February - 2007 March

CNC Diversified Manufacturing

VP, Operations

Managed a private equity owned complex 5 axis machined precision component and assembly manufacturer for tier 1 aerospace and defense customers.  Produced flight critical components for F-22 and other high profile programs. Large 5 axis machining capabilities of 12 ft. x 10 ft. x 4 ft.  Company needed significant operational and financial turnaround work.  Completed operational and financial objectives which got the company cash positive in 270 days.  I was recruited to this position by an investor in a previous employer (Reynolds, Inc.)

2004 May - 2006 February

Automated Metal Technologies

VP|General Manager

Managed a precision sheet metal fabrication company for a private owner.  Implemented significant changes throughout the business to grow the revenues approximately 50% in 24 months with an increase in gross profit %.  Developed and implemented 3 day production and inventory management programs for key customers which secured long term business.  Program managed inventory through the supply chain from raw materials to finished product at the customers location.  Set up Kan Ban materials stocking program that eliminated 95% of material ordering and reduced deliveries to from 5X to 2X per week.

2001 January - 2004 February

Reynolds, Inc.

Senior VP, Operations

Managed TN & WA operations for a retail fixture manufacturer.. Completed turn around during first year to reverse significant losses and worked next 3 years on growth activities to increase revenues and profitability. Implemented lean manufacturing and design concepts which allowed the company to provide industry leading order fulfillment times with highly customizable products.  (Reduced standard lead times from 6 weeks to 3 weeks on custom product) Assembled a team of talented people who captured significant market share by exploiting the market advantages we developed. Company sold to a strategic buyer in 2004.


1991 August - 1995 May

South Dakota State University

MS Industrial Management Coursework

Pursued MS in Industrial Management part time while working full time. Completed approximately 75% of coursework (4.0 GPA) towards degree. Left program when I moved out of the area for management job opportunity.

Damon Pistulka – Course work in:
➤Statistical Methods for Quality Improvement
➤Production and Operations Management
➤Industrial Hygiene and Safety
➤Project Management
➤Information Systems
➤Marketing Research

1984 January - 1989 May

South Dakota State University

BS Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Degree with machine design and manufacturing focus.  Completed machine design projects with industry internships for manufacturing applications in automating assembly processes.

Colleague Comments

  • Jeffry Graham

    Business Owner -

    Damon is a top level business manager. If you are serious about selling your business or management consulting this is the guy to go to. I could not be happier having Damon as someone I get to work with.

  • Ken Hatlewick

    Plant Manager

    Damon Pistulka is a high energy individual that used his leadership style to mentor those under him and bring the team together as we worked through all of the aspects of starting up a new facility. With Damon you always know where you stand and know that he will make the right decision based on what is right, not what is easy.

  • Andrew Cross

    Business Owner

    Damon Pistulka stepped into a difficult situation to stabilize an organization that was struggling through a difficult leadership transition, exacerbated by very challenging economy. He is a veteran manufacturing leader who can relate to the shop floor seamlessly to the boardroom. He was able to asses the problems quickly and get the Team back on the right track. It was a pleasure to work with Damon.

  • Donna Marshall

    VP, Investment Sales

    I highly recommend Damon Pistulka as a professional,knowledgeable and thorough Business Consultant/Operations Manager who presents himself and his quality of work to the highest degree with a results oriented focus and his customers/clients success as his primary focus while keeping an eye on the bottom line and promoting a lean and cutting edge focus on future development.

The Highlight Reel


  • Coordinated multiple transactions in excess of $10 million dollars
  • Completed diligence and financing packages for multiple $100+ million projects.
  • Successfully developed and implemented customer focused initiatives to grow revenues over 25% and provide double digit increases in profitability in extremely competitive markets.
  • Developed and implemented lean business process, product design, and operations changes which reduced operating costs by over 20% and lead times by over 50% in multiple industries.
  • Managed aerospace businesses producing flight and mission critical items for programs like the F-22, 787, and Mars Rover.
  • Managed the company that designed and manufactured the first mass produced self-checkout systems for retailers.
  • Designed and built multiple industrial facilities.
  • Lead companies through sale or restructuring
  • Participated in the design teams for patented medical devices, spraying systems, fire suppression systems, event displays, and retail systems.
  • Responsible for the implementation of 9 different ERP systems in multiple companies and industries
  • Implemented Kaizen waste reduction techniques to promote rapid improvement of manufacturing and business processes in multiple industries


Sales and Marketing Advisory

Business Development

Business Value Improvement

Organization and Financial Restructuring

Operational Effectiveness Improvement

Management Development

Facility Design and Construction

Exit Planning


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